On the main concert stage, the beautiful and virtuosic sound of two world harp traditions is sure to be a favourite. Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita are magic-weaving master harpists – Catrin from the Welsh tradition and Seckou from the Senegalese griot line – come together to make delicate, beautiful and thrilling instrumental music.  We asked them what audiences will be treated to on the night?

“We’ve just (finally!!) finished recording our new album which is due for release next April, so we’re looking forward to testing out some of our new material on Sidmouth regulars, along of course with some tried and trusted favourites.”

“Neither of us so far have appeared at the legendary Sidmouth although we’ve heard so much about it!  Our music has never particularly fitted neatly into any kind of box (we call it ‘whatever music’!) so we were a bit surprised to be honest when we were first invited to folk festivals, but we’ve had such a lovely enthusiastic response from people. Our music is greatly influenced by taking traditional tunes from our own countries (Wales and Senegal), and then weaving them together and re-interpreting them in our own way.”

For them, Sidmouth FolkWeek is a new discovery too, and they are looking forward to some firsts themselves!

“We’re looking forward to some excellent cream teas and Seckou in particular is looking forward to the best fish and chips Sidmouth has to offer! Hopefully all served with a good dose of Devonshire sunshine – maybe we’ll even fit in a ceilidh. But most of all we’re looking forward to experiencing the incredible atmosphere of an event with such an illustrious history – we’re truly delighted to have been invited to play Sidmouth 2017.”

Catrin and Seckou are playing at The Ham on Tuesday 8th Aug at 8pm.
Check them out here.