Display Dance

Our new Display Dance Co-ordinators Malcolm Major and Charlotte Dover have put together a stellar array of dance teams for this year, with more to be announced.

Confirmed so far are: Hammersmith Morris Men, Sussex Junction Morris, The Outside Capering Crew, Wreckers Border Morris, Chiltern Hundreds Clog Morris, Belle d’Vain Northwest Morris, Camden Clog, Feet First Appalachian Cloggers, Flag & Bone Gang, Whip The Cat Rapper & Clog, Thrales Rapper, Gog Magog Molly, After Dinner Clog, Tower Ravens Rapper, Kemysk Cornish Dancers, Sidmouth Steppers North West Morris.

Workshops: there will be a range of morning dance workshops including a variety of Morris styles plus Rapper, Clog, and Appalachian, which between them will cater for a range of abilities and experience.

Sunday will showcase the ever-increasing standard of jig dancing in the John Gasson Jig Competition, while during the week there will be the usual range of high quality dance shows in the Blackmore Gardens Marquee and in Connaught Gardens.

Morris Wednesday will be hosted by Hammersmith Morris, while later in the week there will be a brand new dance show devised and produced by Ben Moss.

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