Children’s Festival

The action-packed Children’s Festival is a great opportunity for a memorable family folk holiday by the sea!

As well as a huge array of activities for young people to get involved with, and fabulous family evening entertainment, the location offers all of the elements of a classic seaside holiday: beach, buckets and spades, Esplanade, ice-cream and more!


Blackmore Gardens is the heart of the Children’s Festival, where three marquees house workshops for children throughout the day and the lovely, open garden offers a colourful and welcoming space for families to meet up, spread out a picnic blanket, enjoy the Garden Stage shows and soak up the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.


Children of all ages can join in on an amazing Musical Journey at Sidmouth FolkWeek, offering new exciting musical activities, suitable for their age, each year. Whatever age, there will always be something musical to do. For tinies (4 years and under), there are Action Songs with Karen Morris to start youngsters on their journey. 5-7 year olds can join in with two huge hits from last year, The Minims (Beginners’ Band) with Jon Brenner and Junior Choir with Jackie Oates. Over 8s (Grade 2 and above) can join the renowned Sidmouth Seaside Stompers Ceilidh Band led by Team Stompit! to learn tunes to play for the Thursday night ceilidh in Blackmore Marquee. Over 8s also have the opportunity to sing in the Sidmouth Songswell Choir led by Bryony Griffith.

Building on the success of the Rooty Tooty Collective last year, some wonderful activities are also planned for 10-13 year olds, offering a taster of Shooting Roots (12-18s) sessions.


This year we have a great series of dance and movement workshops for young people to enjoy. Under 5s get active with Woodland Wiggle and Jungle Jiggle with Jenny Read. 5-7 years olds have a new opportunity to learn how to Ceilidh Dance. Over 8s can join Boggarts Breakfast for some Border Morris dancing, One Day Rapper for Rapper Sword dancing with or Jan Hutchinson for Appalachian Clog.


All ages get the opportunity to make things at Sidmouth FolkWeek’s Children’s Festival. Little ones can join Cuckoo Crafts in Mini Crafts to make and decorate all sorts of different crafty things or Messy Crafts where things simply get, well messy! Older ones can make something special to take away in the Craft Carousel choosing from a range of different craft activities each day. The whole family can also join in the Children’s Festival Torchlight Processional Build Workshop to make some special ingredients for the finale Procession.


For the best way to make sure that children get the most out of Sidmouth FolkWeek’s Children’s Festival at the best possible price, purchase a Children’s Season ticket for the week. This includes priority access to all events in the Children’s Programme (space permitting). These are available online or from the Sidmouth TIC.

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